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SINCE 1983


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Curse-Free TV Foul Language Filter


We Offer SOLUTIONS To Parental Concerns About Television. 
Curse Free TV Unit
Curse Free TV Unit 

Remove Cursing

from Virtually* all

DVD's, Videos,

Satellite, Cable,

& Regular TV Programming!

Curse Free TV - The Foul Language Filter 
Curse Free TV Unit
Curse Free TV Unit 
Installs Easily

In 5 Minutes Or Less!

Automatically Detects & Filters

Almost All Offensive Words & Phrases!

Get Ready for a Refreshing Change in T.V. Viewing !

New Technology gives you the power to remove the cursing and offensive language that is coming into your home through television and video! How many times have you watched a movie with your children and cringed at the sound of every profane word; knowing that such language was going against all that you stood for, and was polluting the hearts and minds of your children? Well, no more!! Today you can take action to clean up the language coming into your home!

Curse Free TV is a new invention that connects between your TV and VCR. It can be set up easily in approximately 5 minutes, and once installed it automatically detects and filters out approximately 95% of all offensive words and phrases on qualifying TV programs and videos. This is accomplished by a process which:
  • reads the hidden signals for closed captions,
  • detects offensive language,
  • momentarily mutes the sound, and
  • displays acceptable words and phrases.
    You do not miss any part of the program!
Since monitoring is accomplished by reading closed captions, live broadcasts, such as news or sporting events, are not edited. Also, programs without closed captioning are not edited. The good news is that on, August the 7th, 1997, the FCC approved a new law which will mandate captioning on virtually all TV programming in the United States. This mandate will be phased in over the coming years. However, today, the closed caption signal is in almost every new video release and major network broadcast! Even many old programs that have been re-released since the mid 1980's have closed captioning. (i.e. the old black and white "I Love Lucy" show).
Another feature provided by the Curse Free TV unit, is a religious setting which is available at the flick of a switch. This setting allows you to block out offenses to the name of God and Jesus Christ on one setting, while leaving in the names of God when you are watching religious programming.
Yes! Without a doubt, a new and refreshing day has come in TV viewing! The choice is yours! You can begin today to:
  • Enjoy evenings with your family around the TV without foul language!
  • Enjoy watching a larger selection of programs, and most of all,
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are holding the standard that you have set for your family in your home! 
      The choice is yours!............                                          

                ............Make the Right Choice Today!

      Why Today?


  • #1 - Low pricing is now in place to offer this unit at an affordable price for families.
    #2 -  The Curse Free TV unit is covered by a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
    #3 -  The Curse Free TV unit comes with strict and moderate filter settings. It even mutes the sound when the word God is used in an exclamatory way. Curse Free TV silences profanity and exclamatory uses of God, Jesus and Christ from TV and videos.
    #4 -  The Curse Free TV unit comes with a Christian Filter Chip.

    The last reason to buy today, but certainly not the least in significance, is:
    #5 - You never know what your children may be hearing on TV  tomorrow!

    For a one time investment, you and your family
    can benefit for years to come!


    SOLD OUT!!

    Regular $199.00
    Special Price $99.97 and FREE SHIPPING!!

    (Alaska & Hawaii Add $5 ~~ Canada Add $10)
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