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Please print this order form and send with payment
Pay Instantly with PayPal Using The Link Below.

I Accept Payment Through Paypal. I'm PAYPAL VERIFIED so Buyer Protection is guaranteed.

Orders are generally shipped the same day payment is received.

Please send payment To:
Contemporary Marketing Concepts, Inc. (or CMC Inc.)
4800 Maplewood Avenue
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Money Order/Cashiers Check
MasterCard & Visa (with PayPal).

All Orders Shipped Within 1-2 Business Days.
------------------------PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!---------------------------

Email: ____________________________(Optional)

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Includes FREE 1st class shipping (3-5 days).
For priority mail add $5.00 (2-3 days)

The ULTIMATE Mega Information CD ....(enter QTY)     ____ X $11.00 = $___________

Priority Mail For Any Qty Up To 10.........(optional)........             $5.00 = $___________

                            TOTAL PRICE = $___________

ULTIMATE Mega CD Description Page

Thank You